Reviews for "Half Beard"

I have a new profile pic and was directed here because of it. Yes, I wore a half beard for all of 15 minutes. Perhaps I will do something similar for the next London meet, but that would be verging on the ridiculous.

A nice animation, with great style, poise and writing, which I'm going to have to investigate further, for more laughs. Your writing style seems very similar to my own, so I just have to see if there's some material in there that I might be able to use as "research"... yeah, that'll be it.

The voices could have been a little louder and the sound effects a little quieter, as they tended to conflict a little, but since this was made in 2007, I'll let you off.

Great stuff, keep doing what you do.

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this was really funny. johny tripped over a stick, and i love the epic beard battle, i would grow one if it gave me confidence like that.....nah. im good.


I point to the sour dina below me and ask the same question!!!

I use flash cs3. What do YOU use?! Huh?? HUH???????? >:D


XDDDDDD lol hey wat animation program do you use?

the beard sounds like my cousin