Reviews for "Half Beard"

Fucking A

This had some fresh humor instead of the citcommy flashback jokes that most people are falling prey to nowadays (fuck off family guy) or just stupid retarded violence or poop jokes. Don't get me wrong a cocophony of caca related material, jokes of course, tickles my fancy anyday.

About your flash:

The animation was never boring, as in the characters weren't horribly overtweened or twitched a frame up and down or stretched like Fred Flinstone to make an attempt at animation besides the spot on lip synching. The backgrounds and characters, voice acting especially, and everything else in between really made this a fun to watch toon. I will definitely check out your other work now.

And since I'm a nerd who watches commentary on all the dvds i own i really enjoyed the creative processing tour that you layed out oh so cleverly.

Good one!

Bobert-Rob responds:

Awesome, yeah, it was as much fun to make as it was to watch. Especially the behind the scenes stuff, cuz then people have less questions to ask, it's all right there in the first place. Saves me some work, which is good. So I can save my efforts on other things. Thanks for the in depth review! Take care!