Reviews for "A Very Brady Halloween"

Awesome...and totally neato!!

Honestly your the first submission i have ever given a ten (i think)...well at least in this years halloween 07' category. Funny, i love the creepyness of mike, the whole crazy jan thing, i dont think its perfect...but i can see you put allot of work into this, ametur (s/p) but ametur at its best.
Congrats...Hope you make front page.

FaltaViva responds:

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. Hopefully I'll get some sort of recognition when Tom updates the front page for Halloween submissions. I DID work hard on this, and I'm glad that people can appreciate it.

Once again, thank you very much :D


funny i like it i just wonder why jason tried to do the things with the bradys

FaltaViva responds:

The Bradys have a mystical power in which forces all who dare to so much as near them, sing songs, wear polyester, and worst of all BE HAPPY.


It certainly caught my interest, i couldn't stop watching cause i wanted to see jason kill everyone, it does take a twisted mind to have the bradys meet jason voorhes, and i mean that in a good way, overall 8 out of ten.


i really enjoyed watching this, the humor in this was great, i loved how they didnt know who jason was and the part where the girl shot herself cuz of the doll loooooool great flash


Weak Violence, But its comedy so its still very good, I was waiting unit "kenek"
would kill them

FaltaViva responds:

Yeah the violence wasn't really the focus of the flash, more so a nudge at those who grew up with the Brady bunch. :p Either way thanks a lot ^_^