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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"


DUDE! Its animation and sound was so bad, it made it awesome!

U gets a 5!!1

Argh. It's so sad.

It's not you. It's your parents. Don't listen to them. They've cocooned you from the world to the point where you've lost any semblance of normality. I admire your motivation and effort in making the flash but, if your parents let you out of the basement a little more often, you wouldn't have submitted this. It looks like it was made on an Amiga. Kudos for making the sprites yourself, but even they were totally subpar. Oh, and brush up on what makes people 'laugh' these days. It isn't mario sprites falling over or fart jokes or that 'mama mia' thing that makes me want to kill myself and everyone I know and love.

I guess the main point I'm trying to illustrate is that you need to tell your parents to shove a bible firmly in their mouths and remove the one they shoved up your arse. Get out more.

The ten is out of pity. Treasure it always.


That's good news about your dad letting you use his computer to make movies. Damn that trail on that flash maker.

Your sprites were really good, dude. I barely noticed those small blue outlines on the home-made ones, not to mention the copywrited ones.

I'm really glad to see that somebody, for once, chose not to put any blood, bad violence, or adult stuff. This site was practically made for Christian pre-teens! Kudos to you. And to God and Jesus for making everything, as you stated in your credits. I like how you put the credits in your Author's comments section rather than in your movie. I think they're better that way.

I think this is one of the better Mario movies. But where are his friends?

Good luck to you, your parents, God, Jesus, and your flash maker trail in all your animation endeavors. This movie shows that you have a lot of potential. Keep making them and posting them here. I guarantee people will love all of them. Heck, overload the portal with them.



I have to disagree with everyone and say this is truley the greatestvideo on NG! Ignore everyone elses review they are blind to the true masterpiece that this is! So I end this review with great job author and EVERYONE who reads this should watch this video!


i'm sure avg and jesus are honored to be credited in your special thanks