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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

You Tried.

I gve you a ten for effort, but I voted low where it counts. I'm sure you had a lot of fun making this movie, but the reason the portal exists is to be sure that every artist is held Accountable for their work. For as young as I imagine you are, you;re pretty good wit the flash. It's frustrating once that trial runs out, I know, but there are freeware flash programs, and you could always get adobe off of a fileshare... I guess what I'm saying is that Newgrounds is not a right, and too many people are already on here that probably don't deserve it. Whether you deserve it is left to be said, but I don't feel that your Mario cartoon has a place on this site. Anybody with enough desire can get flash up and running piece of cake, so get ahold of it, practice, hold your self accountable for the quality of the work, and don't let a couple of blams get you down. Hell, the music I have on the audio portal would have been blamed if it worked the same as the flash portal over there. But I have my few fans here, and three albums that I worked my ass off for, that's enough for me right now. You never get the credit you want right away, and the people you see getting the credit are the ones who didn't give up when no-one looked in the first place. Keep creating, keep improving, and hopefully one day I add you to my favorite authors list.

Digital Grampa

For those who are complaining.

I think you all should be ashamed of yourself. Honestly, the guy pours his fucking heart out to you and you all down him? See, that type of shit is what may make someone give up on flash and maybe not try to get better due to fellow users being assholes.

I will say its not the greatest flash, we all know that, but in my opinion there's something about it that is, "pure"(couldn't think of the right word, but whatever). I mean come on, either Tom knows this, and/or he put this on front page because he knew people would be like, "what the hell?". Now see, what if this guy who made this flash cartoon keeps having at it and whatnot and he starts to make well-made movies and whatnot? Then what?

Honestly it sucks his trial ran out andwhatnot, if I had the money I'd give it to him, but alas I don't.

Now onto my view of the movie. Now, Brad5987243058 it isn't the greatest flash, not to be mean, but I'm just going to give it to you straight. But for some reason i commend you on making your own sprites and whatnot. Just keep up the work, take your time with animating and making your cartoons and whatnot. If you need help, lurk around the forums and maybe ask for help orsomething. If all else fails, I'll be willing to help you out with a flash cartoon or something. Also, you say you're trial ran out, well, Christmas is coming up =P Tell your dad to get it for you, or something, hehe.

Oh and Adobe didn't make Flash originally, Macromedia did, Adobe and Macromedia merged(or Adobe bought them out, either one) and thus meaning it has "Adobe" on it. Lawl.

But yeah, keep it up, don't let anyone tell you you're not any good. But make sure to keep getting better though.

worth watching for one sentence

"I put it in my pocket" ROFL!!!!


That was hilarious! I can't believe that it isn't at like 4.5/5 by now. I couldn't stop laughing!! There were tears rolling down my cheeks. AND WHEN MARIO FARTED ON BOWSER!!! OMG I FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR!! IT WAS RELENTLESSLY COMEDIC, EVEN WHEN YOU EXPLAINED HOW YOU DREW THE PIXELS!!!! Bravo! Keep on doing what your doing and maybe when you turn 10 you'll be EVEN BETTER AT THIS, IF SUCH AN EPIC THING COULD HAPPEN!!! FIFEN!!!!

Brad5987243058 responds:

Just letting you know, I made that when I was 13. I'm not kidding. 13. I'm turning 15 in March. I bet this is a shocker to everyone that reads this!


This made my day.

He did it for the lulz ;]