Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

Mama Mia!

This was truly the work of a master.

I laughed the whole way through, cried at some parts. This was truly an emotional roller coaster. If there is ever a life changing experience that can occur while watching flash, this was it. One hundred of the finest poets could not think of the words to describe this immaculate masterpiece. Bravo. I can't believe this wasn't front page right off.

Fiven it for sure!

I hadn't laughed so much at somebody's crappy flash in a looooooong time, so you get a five and my ten stars, seriously, I loved it.


Your flash was full of WIN and GOD.

If any of you are actually taking this flash SERIOUSLY, then you need to die. This failed so hard, that it became good in the process. It takes an open mind to appreciate good failure.

10/10, voted 5.

You sir are awesome.


hehehe mario got cowed. OMG THAT CLOUDS LOOKING AT ME


Just wow, the effects, the imagination, the story, the sprites. ALL AMAZING, the voice acting was also the greatest I have ever seen in a flash