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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"


no offence but it sucked...


... it got front page and thats what counts... well done...

i'll give you 10 purely because you got this crap on front page!


This is by far the greatest flash on Newgrounds, I really love how you did the sprites and the plot was really funny. The voice acting could be better but the thought it still there! Make more :D

That was awesome!!!!

Man that was great!!!!! The voice acting was perfect, the plot flawless and all the extra material!!!! Of course voted 5!!!!
Thanks for the explanation at the end!!!! It answered all my questions!!
And that extra material at the end, aaawwww man was the most funny shit i've seen in newgrounds!!!!!

I love it!

And im so glad your dad is gonna let you use his computer!!! so now we can see some more of thissss!!!!!

You are the next Adam Phillips! i can see it!

I laughed

The character shading was amazing. Very subtle


Your flash was full of WIN and GOD.

If any of you are actually taking this flash SERIOUSLY, then you need to die. This failed so hard, that it became good in the process. It takes an open mind to appreciate good failure.

10/10, voted 5.

You sir are awesome.