Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"


This is epic... just epic...

and the guy below me... check the forums... theres a huge topic saying "Tom... frontpage this"

shh lets whisper now

A Modern Masterpiece

Truly, a cartoon like this comes along once in a lifetime. An original premise, Brilliant animation, Laugh-out-loud humor, this movie has it all! I almost DIED laughing when Mario farted on Bowser! How did you come up with that? You must be a very gifted writer. Anyway, please please PLEASE make a sequel!!!!!!


seriously this shouldnt of even been close to the front page this is a HORRIBLE piece of work man i can understand if u hav bd equipment but at least hav som good humor if its SUPPOSE to be funny i actually think i lost som brain cells just by watching the first few minutes of it i actually FELT the pain of dieing cells while viewing

Portal History

Congrats on making it into the Flash Portal History. You deserve it.

This is fantastic

I'm still laughing my head off this is great.