Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

i agree with Randomcomics

a 8/10 laugh good

You should've made this without the blue backgroun

Title says it all. But this is funny though. The music and the sounds're great, the comedy too, but the only problem is the graphics. It could've gotten a 9, or maybe a 10 if you could've used real sprites and not that background around them all. Sorry, but that's my opinion. (Or whatever it's called, my main language is Finnish)

could use some more work

the thing that really bugged me was the fact that every sprite had a colored box behind it. If that was taken care of it it might be easier to follow. also sounds worked good but could have used some background music at some parts. i'm guessing though that your still new to this though if this is your first flash with sound so overall it's decent.

not perfect

no perfect

fun : +2
graphics : +1
sounds : +2
laughness : +1

anyway good work !


just hilariously bad... 8/10 for a good laugh and bothering to make your own sprites.