Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"


Well, I must say I am impressed that you managed to get this into "Flash Portal History" with such a low score. I mean, while not good, it is quite unique. My favorite part was probably the way the mushrooms were shaped, they looked so silly. I guess it's nice you are working for sound, as you could do better in the future. My biggest complaint was that the characters didn't have good animation and nothing really stood out. I also didn't like it how the white box surrounding them moved with them.


oh my gosh that cloud is looking at me is f**king stupid


is this ur first sprite cuz its not bad if it is... but if u have bveen doing sprites 4 a while then..... stop doing sprites...... lol and for some reason the end with the star made me laugh

hey short-factor

short-factor i hered that you made a movie thats calld sonic vs shadow 2 tc and i love this its so funny yay mario goof up

This is fantastic

I'm still laughing my head off this is great.