Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"


You gotta get better at flash, maybe work on ur voiceacting at the same time. You need a lot of work.
You also spammed 'Mama Mia' too much.

Funny, but bad

If Bigfoot, the famed Mario parody animator, used these jokes and made some effort with the voice acting, then this would be the best parody on Newgrounds. Not that I'm being snobby or anything...


I'm sorry but I do not like the movie, Mario was inside a blue rectangle, and walking did not move his legs, tenes imagination should learn more about flash to better express the visual language, trying to follow that this is not easy, greetings

1 star for effort

why the fuck does mario have blue surounding him i hope this was done in 1 day try making better ones with out shity sprites

dude seriosly,,,

what the hell you could make something better im shure¡¡ >:/