Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"


Its okay, but the only part i really laughed at was the cloud part at the end. Better than I could do :)

For your first....

For your first Flash movie, this is decent enough. However, work on your voice acting(might I suggest using a mike with Windows Media Player) and if you must use your own sprites, please have someone look at them first...... Try not to spam one line to often, "Mama mia!" got annoying really fast. Add a replay button, too. Overall, though, this was a decent Flash.

Gave it a 2...

because it's your first.
Still a low rating because you should improve on
A.) Flash.
B.) spriting.

Ok, but not really-a funny...

I gave you a 3 because I'ma not mean, try taking the blue squares off the characters for one. Please.

is a 5

is ok for the first time=)