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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

it was ok

could use work but ok


The only thing laughable about this is the very beginning or opening.
When he hit the block and Mario just honked.
That was pretty much the only part that was good.

Amazing, truely.

The perfect flash animation. Probably the greatest flash of all time, and most likely always will be. From the clear realistic sounds, to the stellar character development, and the incredible action scenes, this is the greatest flash ever. Nothing could possibly make the flash any less godly.

The graphics first of all were top notch. I could barely tell it was made in flash, I had believed it to be a video. It all ran so smooth and vivid it was flash eye candy. The sounds like I said were incredible.I heard them and it made it seem like it was all happening around me in the real world. I was sucked in the movie so much I watched it multiple times to understand its greatness.

The greatest flash of all time, deserves 10 starrs and a 5/5.


I Loved It But You Should Work On The Sprites!


you ripped the "omg that clouds lookin at me" line from another mario flash, and why didn't u get rid of the box around the sprites?! all you do is trace the bitmap and click on the surrounding area, then press delete, a simple fix which could have made this a whole lot better=(

Brad5987243058 responds:

I did not rip the cloud thing from another Mario flash. I came up with that myself. Also, could you tell me which flash that is? I would like to see it.