Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep15"


That says it all.

Me like

Yet again an excelent episode!
keep em coming dude's!!


A lot of people seem to have difficulty understanding that these "Awesome Video Games" episodes are MEANT to be the way they are.

They are spoofing old video game TV shows from "back in the day". The camera is deliberately being swung around like that and they are deliberately saying "dudes and dudettes" all the time. They are simply over exaggerating the style that was prominent in that era. It's a joke, they are taking the piss out of something!

And I find it pretty damn funny.

I don't see how some people can miss the point of these videos and criticise things that have been deliberately done.

Whatever, I thought this one was pretty fun. Not as good as ROB's debut though.


Big loss because of the lack of Flash. Like the grammatically-retarded fella a few reviews below me stated, this isn't YouTube. I mean Im new to AVG so its ok to me but it's not uberly fantastic. You do some cool stuff in terms of showmagic but really thats it. Ppl dont even want to review this and despite the score it received front page going on a week?

Additionally, who says awesome any more? you're supposed to wear a heavy sign saying "I said the word" if you do =)

Lastly, I want a Rob too =(

sidenote: greedy shmicks..? what were you implying,.?

Takes stupid and unhumourous to a whole new level

I'm not going to even bother trying to watch this crap anymore, auto blam from now on.