Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep15"


You guys remind me of the Amanda Show skits. Anyway, despite the fact that this doesn't make sense I'm giving it a 9/10, because.....well you guys are funy and inspirational!

Nice work.

Thought it was a pretty good video. A little too silly at times, but thats what you guys were aiming for. I do see an attempt to improve the quality of your videos as you go along, which is nice.

The main reason I am reviewing this though is because of Vulgaris...

To Vulgaris.

Alright so you didn't like the video, I can understand that and everyones opinion is respected on the web... However you destroyed your credibility on your review when you began to launch personal attacks on both the creators of this flash and the viewers. Just because you did not like the flash doesn't mean you begin to insult everyone else who disagrees, it unfortunately is childish and rude. Besides your incredible lack of knowledge of ADD, you seem to enjoy using caps and throwing out colorful language that suggest you are what you claim the viewers of being. I suggest the next time you disagree with a flash video, at least attempt to be respectful or don't post at all.

And back to the creators of the video, keep doing what you wish, it seems to be working very well. You guys do have acting talent and video skills, I hope you continue to improve. Thanks everyone for reading.


Star rating explains it all.


You guys left Screwattack for NG? k...

does this count?

i always thought you could only submit FLASH animations on NG. this definately aint a flash but it was funny because of the horrible acting. i will check out the others