Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep15"

it really wastnt good

im only giving a star because the song was catchy. other than that it was completley dumb

Waste of effort!

What's that got to do with animation....Work on that!!!

funny but sort of stupid no offence



I wonder what that ol' ROB is up to anyways?
He sure seemed pretty angry to me!
I hope your plan is a good one dudes!
That ROB don't seem like any Robotic Operating Buddy I'd wanna be buddies with.
Gee willakers guys, I hope you get him good!

Loyal Awesome Fan

lols...and um valgaris

dude sweet vid now i want R.O.B. even though i have a wii but still...

to valgaris

dude chill out people can submit anything they want to, flashes or not.plus I dont realy think they are funny or even trying to, they are just trying to entertain veiwers.

anyways i might go watch part 4 XD