Reviews for "Nav - Respiration (Edit)"

so chill

Really comes together. Love the bass, the beats, and the whole thing. Quality production. Very well thought out. good game

Nav responds:

Thank you :) I appreciate it.


this is very easy listing... I like the hip hop/ funk feel

keep it up man

Nav responds:

Thanks :)

i had no idea

lol i had no idea you was still making music lol

not a bad little track Nav

Nav responds:

Yessir I'm still around... been doing more DJing than producing lately. Thanks for checkin' in! :)

Nice 'n Easy

this just makes you feel lazy lol
not my usual style either but nice job XD

Nav responds:

thank you sir... I always feel lazy. Take a nap!



HI :3

lololol I hate how your music is fuckin awesome and mine is complete shit and I started before you and satsdgsdfgjskldfhg


Nav responds:

ohai fod

luv u 2