Reviews for "Nav - Respiration (Edit)"


this is very easy listing... I like the hip hop/ funk feel

keep it up man

Nav responds:

Thanks :)


Dude, awesome work!
I don't usually listen to this kind of musical style, but i think you opened me up.

Nav responds:

Steiner... wat?

Thanks for reviewing!

Like it

Ilike it, if Fear and Loathing would take Place Today, Gonzo would ask Duke for throwing a Laptop with this song in the tub.


Nav responds:

Never seen that movie but I'll take your word for it! ;)


so chill

Really comes together. Love the bass, the beats, and the whole thing. Quality production. Very well thought out. good game

Nav responds:

Thank you :) I appreciate it.

VERY nice.

Well done, my friend. This is some seriously good music. You're very talented.
I often find it hard to make the sub bass in songs like this (I've made a few tracks in the same style) stand out but not overpower the other instruments, you did this perfectly. Also, the drum samples are really crisp. Good work!
And it was clever of you to put in that vocal sample. :D

Nav responds:

Thank you!

The trick with sub bass is to find a good reference and to make sure that your tracks don't clip. Lots of times, when you think you have it right, the sub is actually too loud - it's just something to keep an eye out for.