Reviews for "Nav - Respiration (Edit)"

Not my type

Not my type of music and the first 40 seconds make no sense.
However, I like some parts in the middle. 7/10

Nav responds:

Thx for sharing.

Damn, this shit is Laid back!

Just almost makes you feel like you're melting in an oozey liquid feeling so smooth.

Aw, yeah.

Lol that sounded cheesey. But nice job!

Nav responds:

;) thanks


cool! wow!

Nav responds:

cool! thanks!

Nice 'n Easy

this just makes you feel lazy lol
not my usual style either but nice job XD

Nav responds:

thank you sir... I always feel lazy. Take a nap!

i had no idea

lol i had no idea you was still making music lol

not a bad little track Nav

Nav responds:

Yessir I'm still around... been doing more DJing than producing lately. Thanks for checkin' in! :)