Reviews for "I Love Kids"


that was frigin awsoomme

thats the best

HOLY CRAP! LOL! THAT WAS HILARIOUS! oh my gosh, i was crackin UP! swingin the cat around, thats hilarious.10 for you!

tht ws fukin amazin

lol yes finally a flash that instantly makes u laugh lol


That was awsum man i loved it.
i loved how the cat got the shit beaten out of it.
i think u shud add another see to it where the angry guy goes into the toilet after killing the cat and then kills the stupid kid in there too.

Wow people...

I love how people don't understand that an animation ISN'T real.
"That's mean" "Oh that's so horrible!" "That was messed up"
Do you honistly think Edgar would do this to a real animal? I mean really?

Anyways, score for loser downvoters and because I liked it .__.