Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"

definatley front page material

awesome job man great hotcorn game!


the good:
very funny and simple, yet addictive game! i really played nothing like this before, so your idea is very original!
the graphics are simple, but you don't need superp graphics for puzzle games. the sound is quite good, too.

the bad:
now i wanna eat popcorn and i don't have any... T.T

the ugly:
great game! it shows that you don't need superp graphics or highly complex games to create a very good game!

Perfect reflex puzzle.

I think this one is better than the first....I don't think I beat the first...
This one was easier and was fun..make a third one!


i got to lv 48 before ending it.

a truly ecxellent game.

keep it up :3

Great game!

I liked this quick, mouse game. As i found the graphics good and the controls fluent, i also liked how challenging it was! goo job!