Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"

wat it sounds like

wen the popcorn explodes it sounds like someone is slaping someone


What a novel design you have here. This is good for wasting some time on, and more importantly it's fun!

addicting but hard

i couldnt even get past level 9 but good game anyway

Its ok

This game reminds me of Bloons (instead of popping bloons you are popping popcorn), but I thing bloons is a better game. This game can be a little too frustrating and reprtitive

too HARD

I just can't understand that the game is still so hard, of course too easy is boring, but you get too frustrated when you get stuck on the half of the game and after 30 tries you still can't beat the level cause the time is just too short!
I think the normal and hard mode is useless because the normal mode is still too hard. If you had a little bit more time on some of the levels, the game would be perfect. But like that, it frustrates too much.