Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"


i find it hard to belive i wasted so long time of my life on this but wtf it was the worth it was great !!

Needs Unlimited Time mode

Its an awesome concept
but just like your Bloons Unlimite Dark Mode
You should have a unlimited time mode for people who can't make it
like make
dammit I got so frustrated!


glad u made it easier, the other reached a point in which it became so hard that it lost the fun of it.
Nice job!

great game!!!!!!!!!

level 23 is like imposible

Great Game

It's quite original and incredibly simple, and it's satisfying to hear that popping :D Like Miniscream a few posts below me, I give you a 9 and not a 10 because Lv23, Windowframe, just seems quite impossible. I blame this mainly on that the fire ball does not keep up with the mouse when you move it as fast as you can, and instead lags behind and gets stuck behind obstacles. It is because of that flaw that I must lower my rating down to 8.
However the game is still fun and definitely worth playing :D