Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"


its cool

Great Game

It's quite original and incredibly simple, and it's satisfying to hear that popping :D Like Miniscream a few posts below me, I give you a 9 and not a 10 because Lv23, Windowframe, just seems quite impossible. I blame this mainly on that the fire ball does not keep up with the mouse when you move it as fast as you can, and instead lags behind and gets stuck behind obstacles. It is because of that flaw that I must lower my rating down to 8.
However the game is still fun and definitely worth playing :D


i've always loved Hotcorn, and the series just gets better and better. Just so fun and addictive, although frustrating at times.

Great game

It has nice graphics, interesting levels, and is challenging. It was very fun, addictive, and frustrating. ;) I also liked the awards. It would be nice to see a third Hotcorn! I can't believe I got through all 50 levels. But, that was on Normal, I wouldn't dare try it on Hard, I want to keep what's left of my sanity.

Good Good

It was funny with Awards.