Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"


The game is neat and kinda original, but the difficulty and the clock racing in it makes it a game that's too picky in its difficulty to be fun. The amount of times that I had to redo a level because I missed a single kernet got to the point that I just got sick of it. Perhaps an specific indicator of how many you collect as you go as opposed to the vague bar that fills would be a big improvement

Overall neat game, but I don't have the time or patience to try a level 20 times till I do the movements just right to beat it.

its ok

its allright but not something im into im not the kinda person 2 sitaround and pop popcorn


great game very original and extremley difficult but not difficult enough to make it impossile

I BEAT ALL 50 LEVELS! (and i´m a little sad that i hat time to do that)


lvl 33 thats impossible need way to quick hands. really fun


What a novel design you have here. This is good for wasting some time on, and more importantly it's fun!