Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"


I thought it was great. Who knew making popcorn was so much fun? I think this is a fun and addicting game and almost everyone can enjoy it!

Great work guys! Make loads more!


Rly good game I beat all 50 levels

I only got the Effeiciny speedy hotshot Fast learner the 0.01 seonc thing and game completion trophies. What r the others? plz tell me

Good game :D


glad u made it easier, the other reached a point in which it became so hard that it lost the fun of it.
Nice job!

i like it...

it was pretty good, nice graphics...i have one complaint though...some lvls when u get up there take like 50 retries...like lvl 26...i myself think its impossible because the heating thingy always hits the gasoline and explodes the time stopper...i give it an 8 cuz like i said...some lvls take a really long time to solve...and alot of ppl dont have that much time

very good & very fun

I like this game alot, but just like the first one it really needs a save option