Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"


That game was challenging, fun, and frustrating. It pissed me off something fierce!


i cant figure out how to even play this game!!! the only reason it got a three is cuz i like all the other nk games

indeed did i enjoy

this was a cool game. i have never heard of this series. even though this is your latest entry into it and also the first game of the series i have played, i will check out the other entries into it ( i kind of hesitate to do so since this is your latest work and you have had time to improve but i will check them out anyway:}). this was a really fun and addicting game. good job!


very fun to play and very challengin. well done


i agree with unio it is a good concept and fun but it feels like its deeply missing a key feature [erhaps some otherb aaddatives