Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"


the first one was much better
this one has just increased the frustration and "arbitrary death" level
the gravity launcher is way too easily damaged
this was true in the first version but in this one when you have enemies from both directions the gravity launcher is forced to be in the center of the battle
after like 5 times trying to get past the level with nuke tanks from both directions and the only weapon being antimatter, i'll put this game to rest
it's pathetic when the main thing that kills you is your own flippin shots so you have to just patiently wait until enemies get away from the launcher before hitting them

also the whole "100% antimatter 100% energy" thing is really dumb, i spent my points on projectile and energy upgrades and i can't use any of those upgrades in this level
by the way when you do retry level you shouldn't set the launcher position back to the left, if it was in center it should stay in center.

in short the first one was a lot better

My Pc must be to slow.. A shame.

It can't run on my 2,2Ghz CPU. With 1024MB RAM.. I think the game is too demanding... Oh, and exctaly how many Hertz would a Pc need to run the game smoothly?

dz2001 responds:

I think your computer is too old...

a 2.2 Ghz core 2 duo would do really great (E6400 or E6550)
or an AMD alternative, whatever it is called

or Pentium D as I stated in the system requirements

Your processor should not be more than 2 years old. Pentium D was released in may, 2005.

I doubt 2gb ram instead of 1 would do much difference... flash is dependant on CPU mostly. And Video Card does not matter at all.

way worse

not as cool as the original. why are the dudes coming from behind me? thats not right. all i can do is speed them toward victory. doesnt make sense dude.

its alright

nothing to exciting for me

i dont understood

http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/091203 /U835l3d3Su.jpg
how to open? ili a ono vashe nado nax?