Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"


Your games rule, awesome graphics, I really like that style with pretty damn good gameplay.



good game, but to let everyone know...

when your "launcher" keeps "recharging" or "reloading" constantly that means you've reached the limit of possible projectiles out, for example in an rts you have a unit cap/ "food" or "supply" which only allows so many things out at a time.

so stop saying it's a bug, it's not. thank you for your time.

now for the review part.

more than I expected, in fact you should try to get this on "xboxlive marketplace" or "wii shopping channel", come on be a sell out. nothing says "I'm going to keep making good games" like charging your fans money to play these so you can afford to increase the devotion and size of your work force, thus producing things of better quality (even though it's already very kick ass) at a faster rate.

as for the ups and downs, the accelerator is awesome, I found that using the green and one or two blacks with it it makes a very powerful super gravity trap, but don't use antimatter on it because if it goes off near your base you can take some very serious damage. another thing is the stop these from colliding, seriously it's almost impossible, but innovative and challenging which people (like me) on newgrounds want and/or need.

good luck on future projects, and thanks for reading this.

Great game

Defetenly deserves to be on top 50 kist. The idea was simply amaing..how long did it take you to come up with it? IT was awsome, but it is kind of annoyign hen u have guys hiding in the corner, and i was a bit..angry when shot a guy through my side. try to fix that if its possible. Oveall the game rocks, and i hope it kepps up in this lsit!


this game is rocks!!!!! but i tried to download it, i clicked the link on the game but it says that they coulnd find the page :( o well :P