Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"

Really nice

So yeah, your games are awsome! Changing the location of the grav. cannon added a good challenge, specially when in the middle, more precisely at theblue and orange things must not touch.

Keep it up!


One of the best flash games, if not the best, that I've played. In the last level you could perhaps reduce the amount of those enemies that create a void after they die. When one died, the void kept killing everything, and as a new one came, it was destroyed to the walls and created a void, and new one died and created a void...well you get the picture :).
Also when typing your highscore name, the game forbids you to use certain letters. Such as 's', 'e', 'r'. I didnt check all which it blocks, but atleast those.

dz2001 responds:

those are hotkeys -_-
I forgot about it...

awsome game

the first game was good but this blows it out of the water keep it up




keep it up dude!