Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"


I like it, it is funny, it has good graphics, excelent gameplay. 10/10

even better than the first part!

i really liked how enemy's come from diffrent sides, makes it a lot more challenging!!

i have 4 things to say

3)this must have had alot of lagg since i play world of warcraft this has more lagg!!!!
4) i wrote this review for the wrong game!!!! FRICK

Awesome game

Would have been better if there was infinite energy; that sort of annoyed me. The game orginally looks like a pool table. The idea is nice, and I would definately play this again. Great Work!

dz2001 responds:

>Would have been better if there was infinite energy.

Thats why why PC games are dying. Stupid console players want everything unlimited/infinite/easy. And all the new gameas are multi-platformers. cRPG is dead as a genre already, what next? FPS? They already made those retarded respawn Platforms in BioShock...


MMM:3 wasn't as good as this, because the weapons are somewhat... weird. I prefer a slingshot over an artillery, thank you.