Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"

crazy addictive

but some levels are a bitch, great game otherwise 5/5

Love the game

Pretty addictive though.

Cheers :)

i won but i found a bug

im sure you know that when you fire a shot and at the same tyime you win a round you get left with the fireing circle. i won and when i get to the bit were i enter my name i found i cint use any lette thats also a hotkey. kinda pissed me off since my name is alex :P

you stil got a 10 as this is one of my faveroit games


I'm not sure how to effectively convey the virtues of this game. Let me start out by saying that I downloaded and played the first game extensively. If HTML was allowed in reviews, 'extensively' would be in italics. I also should mention that I can count the submissions for which I've voted 5/5 on one hand, and that this game makes the list.

This game plays into a very primal drive, deep within the human psyche: the urge to smash things and make them explode. There are plenty of games where you can shoot stuff with a rocket launcher, or wreck buildings as a giant lizard (I can actually only think of two, now that I think about it). This game starts out playing like a pool table at war, and as one's tech level rises, one has sooo many innovative, original tools of destruction that the player has virtually limitless possibilities in answering the central question involved: how do I want to smash all these tanks?

Should I bounce them off the wall? Should I drop them on top of each other? Should I send them flying off the screen? Should I vaporize them with antimatter? Should I nuke them? Should I manipulate gravity to implode them all into one big pile of exploding, mangled metal?

Should I mow down a whole line of them by inching the enormous war machine in front backward with a slow moving, unstoppable projectile? Should I dismantle the huge (or 'hueg', whatever) tank's navigation at just the right moment for it to careen right into the side of another? Should I set up a trap to bounce them into another trap that will hold them in place, right within the opposing orbit of massive projectiles I've set up, consequently knocking them into the first trap, bouncing them back into the second, and so on and so forth?

I could go on and on, but doing so would make me want to play this game, and I have to finish this review first. My point is that this game turns the raw satisfaction of smashing things into a creative process. It's addictive, it's fun, it's completely unique, it's wasted countless hours of my time. Put a 3D version on the Wii, and the whole world is doomed. Congratulations.


*launching projecile*
*projectile launch failed*
*base damage:0%*