Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"

great game..

kinda complicating for a dumbass like myself.. lol and quite laggy on these slow ass library computers.. but i loved the game and graphics! good job XD

love it

love the game waiting for the 3th game


I'm playing this shizzle all the time. I love everything it has: Great explosion; Great sounds; Impressive animations; Superb design; Great details; Great opportunities! Overall: EFFIN' EPIC.

We want more!

Extremely Great

One of the best games I've ever played.

Especially I like the ability to skip the logos for armorgames and all that, is it normal for NG games, or did you make it yourself?

I can't find any pause function, so when I had to go to school today... You can guess what happened...

Anyways, the game is great, sorry if this wasn't helpful etc.


In construct miode, try setting batch to instant, enemies coming from both sides, invulnerabilty and crazy acceleration on. causes lag but its funny xD love this game