Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"


really fun, easy to learn hard to master controls, and explosions galore! Real fun game, though at wave 15 i got stuck at, but it was a sweet game nonetheless, and definately deserves featured.



dz2001 responds:



One of the best flash games, if not the best, that I've played. In the last level you could perhaps reduce the amount of those enemies that create a void after they die. When one died, the void kept killing everything, and as a new one came, it was destroyed to the walls and created a void, and new one died and created a void...well you get the picture :).
Also when typing your highscore name, the game forbids you to use certain letters. Such as 's', 'e', 'r'. I didnt check all which it blocks, but atleast those.

dz2001 responds:

those are hotkeys -_-
I forgot about it...

awsome game

the first game was good but this blows it out of the water keep it up


keep it up dude!