Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"


The additional options you've smacked into this MMM is pretty incredible.

I don't feel the motivation to write a full review, but I will point out one thing that seriously needs work: Enemy spawn positions. Rarely, I would hear a bunch of collisions just when the scenario starts, and on wave 28 (where you first find the "velocity damping" enemies) there was a series of nukes, shockwaves and whatnot for about 30 seconds until one of those special tanks came rocketing out at a billion mph and pwning me. It was hilarious, but really stupid way to die.

Oh yeah, changing the black shot from random into a mobile magnet was pretty awesome xD

Loved the first one but this.....

Toped it of terrificly. Amazing graphics, game play and and all that other stuff. I downloaded it and after playing for a bit i got a strange glitch. I got the implosion power up and it ended just as the wave ended and the timer went up to 500 seconds. Helpful but weird.

Hmm.... Good graphics not laggy at all for me! so cant complain there.
Good idea and good game play... every thing ran smoothly and worked together. Overall the art fit in the feel of the game nicely! Good clean sound and sound FX. Also the visual effects were great. The mix of fbf and filters was good.

One thing i would like to see(or mabey i missed it) was an in game pause button.
Other than that one thing simply perfect sequel!!
I wana see a number 3!!


Great Game

I haven't found a game that actually kept me going like this in a long time. Most games like this get reptitive but, with the xp and upgrades, it's really fun and doesnt let up on it. Great job and keep the sequals coming.


great game
uhh I think the download is broken
I mean... I downloaded it completely and all... and then I tried to extract it and it wouldn't let me

So cool

I love this game because it is among the most creative games that I have ever played. While I have played many defense games, this is one which was truly unique in its design. I do not even know how to use half, if not most, of the powerups here! What is great is that you have no idea what kind of enemy is going to come next. There are just so many explosions going on everywhere, but still some organization to it all. It might set some record for the most updates to a game in such a short time.