Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"


i wasnt expecting a good game but its actually addicting. its fun to so thats a bonus. :D
keep up the good work.

i have 4 things to say

3)this must have had alot of lagg since i play world of warcraft this has more lagg!!!!
4) i wrote this review for the wrong game!!!! FRICK

Awesome game, but the bugs!!!

I love this game more than anything else I've sen on Newgrounds, which is why I will wait patiently for the bugs to be fixed. I can't wait until I can play it without any screw-ups. :P The big thing I got was playing Scenario mode, sometimes when I'd go to fire the projectile, it would simply sit where it was after I released the mouse button, especially when a projectile powerup like the anti-matter or increase speed powerup were active. What really annoyed me was that the projectiles that were sitting in one spot never went away, and once 6-7 accumulated on the screen, the launcher wouldn't generate more projectiles. So there would be 6 or so projectiles not going anywhere and a launcher that doesn't launch while bots are coming at me :P That's the bug I noticed. Sorry if someone had already reported that. :)


Awsomely perfect game!!

omg XD

nice gamew when i went to construct mose i only put on the huge enemys and i kept usein the black hole it was down to 1 fps i luv that weapon