Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"

Great stuff here.

Excellent job with the game, by far my favorite of all three. The black holes in this are definitely a nice touch. Computer can't handle high quality, but I suppose if I downloaded it I probably wouldn't have that much a problem. I always turn the shaking off because it makes it harder to grab the orb when the damn screen is shaking like hell. Still, great stuff, as previously mentioned. I hope you come out with another game like this. Perhaps you should try a different approach..

Quite Good!!

Many Functions and a nice Graphic Setting


the only problem i had was when things explode they launch other guys past me and i lose



Best Defense Game

Excluding the other games in this series, this is probably the best defense game ever. This is mainly because this defense game actually requires skill unlike other defense games in which all you have to do is click on the enemies to kill them.
The levels start easy and get really hard, so it will take you time to beat the game.
There are a lot of fun special modes to play (survival, armageddon, rush, etc.)
What more is there to say? It's really fun!