Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"

i dont understood

http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/091203 /U835l3d3Su.jpg
how to open? ili a ono vashe nado nax?

Muito BOm

òtima jogabilidade, pura ação, perde um pouco talvez na mesmisse....
Grande jogo

One bad side...

Otherwise a great game but in the energy absorbing map, when i try to kill the god damn enemies with acceleration tower and black ball, the enemies just FLASH to the left side of the map and i cant do shit about it, they shouldnt be able to bounce too fast from the otherside of the map to the other one.


I got hooked to this game :)

great extension of MMM1

I give 9 only because I haven't yet checked MMM3. :) This glued me to the monitor for hours. I'm stuck at wave 29 where you have to destroy the giant ones that leave a singularity behind. I keep blowing up the whole screen and get sucked in. :)