Reviews for "Momentum Missile Mayhem 2"

I rock

It Was Hard getting through the levels but I won the two last level are hard man!


.....ok who drugd you and with what?

nice but not great

for some reason and this may only be because i might not quite get how to fire the missile correctly i would pull back on with the mouse and the projectile would explode post haste lol, after several tries i have given up good game if only i could play it

Good Game

Good lord level 30 is hard as crap man. So far I've lost 7 times, all because one of the big machines thats immune to everything gets blown by me by huge explosions off screen. Other than off screen explosions you cant control pushing things past you, good game.


In construct miode, try setting batch to instant, enemies coming from both sides, invulnerabilty and crazy acceleration on. causes lag but its funny xD love this game