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Reviews for "StormWinds"

good game

It would have been nice to control more then turret at a time and i agree with most the people saying that the game was very hard unless you have the upgrades for your turrets.

Storm coming yet?

Well, not extremly good just okay. But, you make it a bit too hard. And also, the first heavy turret is pretty much useless including the flak cannon which is even more useless. Encrease the flak cannon firepower when fire started, and for the heavy cannon make it more powerful as well. A machine gun turret kills faster even without upgrades and the flak has the reloading time. And the game gets harc cause u need upgrades and u can't get past a wave from not having any good turrets. I give a 7.

nice game

very hard.
its either that, or i just suck

I enjoyed this...

This game was truely amazing. Even though you had a multitude of selections here and in 1.5 you have expanded on this. Excellent work here boss. Great job! Addicting, quality, playability, just superb.


Very addicting game. I think i spent a few good hrs playing it.
The graphics are good. Nothing too detailed, just as good as to not kill the player's eye and make the game look good.
I liked the weapons also, the machinegun had a not-too-high fire rate so you'd actually have to aim it and not go up and down without worrying it'll miss.
Varied enemies, the weak spots idea adds to the gameplay value.
I didn't quite get what the very small chopers did... they did no damage. Maby they're there to get in your way...
I loved the music, if created a nice atmosphere. Nice n calm war-themed music.
Pretty nice game, i can't say the hrs i've spent playing it are wasted.