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Reviews for "StormWinds"


for one thing, the cannon take too much time to charge. the fired projectile never goes where you intend for it to, its range SUCKED, and the menu took to long to load!!! i just want to play the game goddamnit!!! i don't give a FUCK about who made it and that shit- the machine gun is NOT a machine gun- just a rapid fire pistol. furthermore, when an enemy goes below you you cannot shoot it. I hate that. that's what ultimately killed me later on in my game. the plasma cannons are the only ones that actually DO anything.

sorry for beong so harsh but this is my honest opinion on this game. >:3

To the dumbasses below me-

Plasma cannon. Get 4. They fire all at once.
Also, wootage game.


Im sorry but have to agree, why would you buy three cannons if you can only use one, then your slowly upgrading three cannons that you can only use selectively. I'm not gonna write too much negative things, but this really was painful to play...


Whats the point of buying more towers if you can use them all at the same time or atleast have one of them on auto firing i find this game to be very anoyying and a waste of time ._. and for the guy below xD steampunk+bad flash game=Horrible. o.o

Good game

I love steampunk, and I love defence games. Great steampunk+good flash game=awesome.