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Reviews for "StormWinds"

Not hard, but biased!

Looks nice, feels nice. But the turrets are too hard to use and the targets fly a tad bit too fast for a casual person. Also, it would be nice to know what level your turret is, what is the max level for it and how much experience it requires.

The best strategy I found was to use a machine gun and sniper/lightning gun with a couple of damage buffers. I used machine gun 90% of time and the other weapon to pick off some annoying bigger enemies.

But that was with easy.

This game was tedious and overall stupid.

What is fun about sitting there with one turret shooting flying things that take 20 hits to blow up? Plus, you can't shoot any below you, and the fact that you can only control one turret is stupid.

it was good

the idle guns should shoot when im not on them but other than that i liked it, i think some people are being a little too harsh because you can shoot beneath you by barely shooting a bullet upward, so good job and i hope to see another

i love this game

pleas make a third one

Awesome game!

First off, for those of you who are complaining about only getting to fire one turret at a time... it's called stategy. Obviously, you're never going to need 2 machine guns. But the right balance of secondary firepower is the key to this game, and what makes it infinitely more fun. A machine gun backed up by sniper/lightning cannons is the perfect way to take out those annoying little enemies that are an absolute bitch to trace and shoot down with the MG.

As for the game itself, phenomenal. My only complaints are that there is an EXTREMELY limited number of turrets (there's pretty much only one or two FTW strategies, depending on how good your aim is with certain guns. No real chance to customize and play "your way") and it's a little on the short side. Other than that, this game was fantastic!