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Reviews for "StormWinds"

Its okay

Just kind of worthless to buy new wepons if you you have to switch, like.. every 3 seconds, hah


It's okay but, the turrets need to automatically fire, not be fired by the player.
2/5 4/10

Nice, but...

Generally, when you've got the reserve turrets, they can fire...

Reserve turrets in this are like a baseball team. They just hang back. I had no urge to purchase anything except for one machine gun.

If you make the reserve turrets fire, you might have a game. As it stands, this is a half-assed attempt at a tower defense swing.


good concept, slow gameplay. I had my chin resting on my one hand while I sparyed rounds with the mg, not all that interesting. I was trying to save for a lightning gun, but I got to those annoying little flying elephant contraptions, the ones you have to shoot from behind if you want it to actually die, and just quit. by the way, that's a really irritating spot to put the weak point in a game where they come at you head on. maybe if the game moved a little faster and there wasn't such a big gap between the beginning turrets and the good turrets (plus, more than one good turret and more than only two buffs) it would be alot better.


i really can't see what there is to complain about exept the number of turrets.
this series is one of my all-time favourites.
keep on creating!