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Reviews for "StormWinds"


Awesome when the things level up they do more damage!!!!!

Kept me up all night

And almost got me to buy it. Maybe another time.

But anyway, great defense game. I personally used the machine gun the entire game and kept the main cannons in front as a short of shied because it was aparent to me that the enemies always attacked the same slot, regardless of what kind of turret was there.
I dont think that the flak cannon was worth it, just too slow of reload time. not enough incentive.
And the lighting gun was a good panic button but not really useful because of the reload time.
I liked the sniper gun, usefull for getting those armoured elephant shaped enemies in one shot.
The boss was pretty big i guess, but not all that complex or hard.
I found that i never had a problem with money throughout the game, after the first couple levels, pretty much i always had enough money, if i saved up for a couple levels, to buy a brand new 40000 electrogun if i really wanted to.
The most confusing thing were the levels that the guns had. What did they do? I assume it just meant that they got more HP but im not sure.
Anyway,I liked the whole sort of sea shanty feel to the game and fun game to play.

Great but,

It's a great defense game (just beat it) but the electro turret is not worth 40,000. Its recharge rate is sooo slow and its damage isn't all that high. In fact, after you get good a aiming the heavy cannon all other cannons seen pretty worthless. The sniper is good for blasting the little guys out of the sky, but other then that it isn't wort using. The flak is really slow for what it does and there are never enough enemies at once for its flack to hit enough of them to make it worth it. Also, you use your heavy cannon the entire game so it gets on higher level then all others before they can even start leveling up.

It would be nice to know what level your weapons were on. If there is a way I haven't figured it out through 25 levels.

The last boss wasn't all that great, I just found his "sweet spot" and hit it with my heavy cannon until he chocked after barly damaging my defenses. Mabey if you made the boss in to one that broke into pieces, some of them smaller and harder to hit, it would be funner.

Still, a great game, classic defense, but with just enough new elements to make it fun.

Good Defense Game

This was a good defense game, the graphics were good, the playing is decent, it is a bit annoying switching back and forth between turrets but then again thats what makes it challenging, one thing that I noticed about this game that I haven't seen in any other game really, is for a game with bombs and explosions and machine guns, there is no sound effects what so ever...


This game was sooo broing, but still a good game.