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Reviews for "StormWinds"

A True Classic, Play This Now!

-And I don't say that about just any game! While not as flashy as the sequels, StormWinds still remains one of my favorite games of all time. Though the two dimensional animation isn't particularly high tech, these games (all three of them) have a unique artistry that blends natural and mechanical beauty flawlessly. The environment is enhanced by a couple of catchy themes that fit the feel of the game perfectly. The lack of sound effects hurts the audio category, but the absence of audible gunfire and explosions only makes the game seem more surreal. Despite the fact that it is difficult to learn, this games' ballistic mechanics are always fun to use and the automatic upgrading and lower difficulty setting available in this game makes it the perfect StormWinds intro for beginners.

Animation: 3
Sound and Music: 2
Interactivity: 4
Originality: 3
Weirdness: 2
Overall score: 3/5

StormWinds Trilogy afterthoughts:

I apologize for the delay in writing this final review and I apologize for the harsh (though still pretty valid) criticisms in my reviews of StormWinds 1.5 and StormWinds: TLC.

StormWinds 1.5
This game is NOT "unplayable" but it is very difficult. You had better master StormWinds on at least normal difficulty, before moving on to this one. The upgrade system does take a lot of getting used to, but if you use it correctly you can improve the effectiveness of your weapons. I would also like to give the audio category in this game more credit as it was the first in the trilogy to incorporate sound effects. The animation also deserves an extra point because it was faster and smoother than the animation in StormWinds. Finally the interactivity category deserves a 4 not a 0, there's plenty of room for experimentation in this beautiful game if you know where to look.

Revised Score: 7/10

StormWinds: the Lost Campaign
I maintain my opinion that the addition of helpful tips makes this game easier and such features would have made StormWinds 1.5 less harrowing. StormWinds: the Lost Campaign isn't really "less difficult" than its predecessor, just the opposite in fact. I think the disparity in my opinion has a lot to do with my increasing skill level. The animation is just as smooth as it was in the previous game and deserves an extra point. StormWinds: TLC wasn't the first installment to "get it right" but it did improve on a lot of things.

Revised Score: 7/10

Good game

This is a fun game, and I like this particular spin the tower defense game. The graphics are good and the controls are good, as well. I only have a few problems, though. The music is good, but it get VERY repetitive and annoying after awhile. The game could have done with a few extra songs. Also, it takes a LONG time gain money. The rpices of the guns should come down a bit. Also, the flak gun should have the option to manually detonate the shell, because sometimes it just hits an enemy or flies of screen without exploding and spreading like it should. Still, this is a good game.

Could be better

This is a awesome game, but it gets a bit boring after a while. Even with new enemys poping up every few levels, the lack of new weapons a turret spaces really bring the score down to 6. Try to fix these things and add a few more weapon types such as missiles, nukes, etc.

Yeah but

Yeah this game is worth it but don't you think it's kinda hard at the begging? I'm not saying it's bad... I just suck that's why, there's still a lot of benefit in it, but my point is that you should make the money starter a little bigger for noobs.

Oh! I forgot put some medals in it dude. :D

great game

i got bored because the levels are to long, cut the lenght of each level by half.