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Reviews for "StormWinds"

Buy now for more generic action

Yeh, I'll admit it. It's just another basic "hold the mouse down until you win" game. Nothing special about it. but the one thing that makes this game different is that you can also Buy more "gameplay" for those of you whom are Die hard fans of Herogames and steampunk related games this is a must. However before you Buy any content (especialy for a crappy flash game) do ask yourselve's, is this flash game Reeelly worth buying extra content for? I mean, shurly somone in the near future is gunna make a better game than this, and have all features that have no cost to the player. Oh but Wait! you spent (what is it..$5 or something) on this crappy flash content, so you might as well play it and get your money's worth. Anyone who "Purchases" more gameplay on a free flashsite such as Newgrounds Is an Idiot, and deserves to be ripped off.

fun, i like :)

i beat the game on normal with a machine gun - best weapon. don't waste your cash on the lighting gun or w/e it's called, it sucks! and takes like like half a minute to recharge. the only gun you need is the machine gun, it's the fastest, easiest to aim and its damage gets a lot better with upgrades. spend the rest of money on damage and life upgrade towers and place them at the front to absorb all the damage and bombs the enemies will drop on you

having said that, the game entertaining at first but does get kinda repetitive at later levels, the game could benefit from more guns and a way of knowing your upgrades.


You call this a full game, I call it a demo in disguise. 5 turrets and é buffs doesn't make a game.


Funny, innovative

Great game....but...

Once i paused for a second, i couldnt unpause!