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Reviews for "StormWinds"


I liked this game, hey knuckleheads how about not giving strategy advise in these reviews kinda ruins it for the rest of us!!!! Like leaving the movie theater and telling the end of the movie out loud while people wait in line to get their tickets!!!!!


I like it, it's not too bad of a game. Needs a lot of work. Graphics are fine tho. But, it is a demo by definition. Can't wait for your next free game.

fun game

cool game but to easy
1st build a machine gun in the lowest slot.. just keep using that one
dont need any other weapon
when u get the 5 slots put the weapon in the lowest right slot
then just buy 3 dmg upgrades and 1 health upgrade


i love this game! its so much fun and a very creative consept! the only problem is that the cannon, and flax cannon were so hard to aim because of that "curve" effect they have and the charge-thing. i love the way the enemys are designed and i love the music. i so totaly kick butt with a electric gun, flak canon, damage buffer, machiene gun, and sniper all together. very cool

good game

its no glitch in this game that i found but to get this game to eork you need cookies allowed