Reviews for "13 Halloween Tips -Tip 02"

much better

much better than the first. was still too short but was still funny

remyzero responds:

Thank you, yeah, I had to keep them short, there are 13 of these. Some are longer, and some are shorter.

I liked the first better

I liked the first better, but keep these up.

remyzero responds:

hahaha, well maybe you'll like TIP 03. It's one of my fave, it has more of a sketchy handdrawn style


Great, just as good as the first one, if not better.

remyzero responds:

Thanks! yeah these will differ, they all have mostly different styles, and were not completer in a sequential order of any sort.

this was good

are the others on here cause they look good

remyzero responds:

This is only Tip 2 of 13, Tip 1 is on here, but the rest are yet to be released. Tune in for more soon!

There's A Psycho Within All Of Us..

Super, Reminds me of Psycho, if only there was a curtain!
Your animation is clear and straight to the point.

remyzero responds:

hahahah thank you!