Reviews for "13 Halloween Tips -Tip 02"

Pretty cool.

While I do like the idea,it would be much better if they were all released in one flash.

remyzero responds:

You will get your wish, but in order to get them out in a timely manner, I had to release one by one. Keep in mind, it's just me doing the writing, animation,voices,music, everything, and there's thirteen of these.

like tip nr1.

it betta then 1 but still aint funny ( maby lil bit ) or something....

remyzero responds:

Yeah I experimented with various styles, and they are all different.

OH man...

haha, this is great. I wish they were all out so I could watch and laugh some more. Very well put together flash, and the tips so far have been good, sound tips, with funny scenarios to go with them. Keep up the good work!

remyzero responds:

Thanks! Tip 3 is coming out real soon! I was aiming for 10.12.07, but has to be pushed back. :(

Great idea!

I like these tips a lot. One suggestion that I have is maybe when you're done, you could put all of these in one big file. Otherwise, great job.

remyzero responds:

Thank you! Yeah, originally they were going to be released that way. Hope you stick around for the rest

Tip #2 is great!

The music was awesome when the guy was taking picures of the woman in the tub. Tip #2 seems to be funny and all, but what are the possible chances of a stranger going to come in your house and take pictures of you? Seriously. Anyways, the Art and Animation was just as good as the first flash. Some parts of the flash made me giggle, especially the ending. I liked comedy in a halloween flash. I learned something new today. Overall, this flash was awesome and I enjoyed watching this! Awesome Work remyzero! :D

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remyzero responds:

Thanks! Yeah some of these will be really random, I really appreciate you enjoying my work. Look out for Tip 3 coming soon.