Reviews for "13 Halloween Tips -Tip 02"


Hihi, that was funny, i liked the first a bit better, but i really think you are stylish about your work.

Keep it up!

remyzero responds:

Thank you, they are all differenty styles, just experimenting and having fun


Great tip and animation, but why cant we see trough water???

remyzero responds:

you pervert hahaha

best, best, U rule!

another 5/5 and 10/10! Even better than 1st one, i agree. Best thing is that u expect sth diffrent 4 the end... i love this sense of humor ! =D=D!!

remyzero responds:

THANK YOU! I Really appreaciate this!

Way Cool

I loved it. But it creeps me out a little cause my house has been broken into before. Ick...Bath time is sacred. Good Job!!

remyzero responds:

damn that sucks, well at least now you know what the perp looked like.


this one was much better than the first, It had me laughing out loud, comedy that suprises you is the best kind. Make more with this style, the first was overly obvious what was going to happen, its been done before - but this; to my knowledge is completly original....
Also really liked the art style, and I liked the contrast between the dark and light characters (probably not intended, Im just looking for things to compliment on)..
looking forward to the next 11

remyzero responds:

hahaah thanks, I can't actually make the next one this style because they are all about done. They are all different so hopefully you tune in. Thanks!